Outbreak Prevention Ministry

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The Outbreak Prevention Ministry is a government ministry dedicated to enforcing epidemic guidelines and preventing spread of the virus. Organizationally, it is known to contain the Office of Health and Safety by which squads of armed enforcement personnel known as Sweepers are employed. Sweepers are typically seen in full hazmat suits with gas masks and armed with guns. Masato Sagara is a member of the Sweepers in a leadership position.

The Ministry as a whole and Sweepers in particular are part of an urban myth involving a government coverup of survivors inside the Tokyo pandemic wall, said to be mutating into flesh-eating monsters. Sweepers are claimed to hunt such monsters down.

Background[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

The Outbreak Prevention Ministry is first mentioned by name in Chapter 4 through an announcement declaring an Emergency Infection Alert urging residents to remain clam and follow infection alert procedures. Sweepers make their first appearance in the same chapter riding in a pickup truck driving near the park in which Hata and Natsuki were having a picnic. The two of them are stopped and questioned about sightings of an suspicious individuals.

A squad of Sweepers next appear in Chapter 6 led by Masato Sagara breaking up an anti-mask protest using rubber bullets.