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V-21 is the twenty-first strain of the Yakuto Virus. It is a weaker mutation of V-20 that is noted for its low risk of death compared to earlier mutations of the virus. Hata catches this strain after he and Hinata are attacked by an infected protester during an anti-mask protest.

Infection by the V-21 is chance-based but able to bypass a mask as it managed to infect a masked Hata, but Hinata, whose face was touched by the protester, didn't catch it.

Background[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

The V-21 strain is first named in chapter 8 after Masato Sagara and a team of OPM agents diagnose Hata with it due to confronting the protester, catching it after attempting to punch the attacker. As such, he is quarantined for two weeks.

Symptoms[edit | hide | edit source]

The two main symptoms of V-21 are similar to a typical flu:

  • Sore throat
  • Persistent coughing
  • High fever

It can result in death like other forms of the virus, but it is a relatively lower chance.